South Bay Chapter

Welcome! The mission of our local Haas Alumni Network chapter
is to help alumni in our region connect with each other and with the Haas
School of Business. Our goals are to build professional relationships, form
friendships, and disseminate information.  We hope that by providing a vehicle
for personal and professional growth, we can in turn advance the standing of
the Haas School of Business.  And that helps us all.

We may periodically host events to increase the value and importance of
building relationships with alumni, current students, faculty, and staff.
 Our belief is that an engaged and responsive alumni community contributes
to the strong brand equity of The Haas School of Business and UC Berkeley.

We are always eager to hear from you, and new leaders are always welcome! If
you wish to participate in our local endeavors, would like to offer feedback,
or have questions, please feel free to contact us – just click the “Contacts”
link at the top right. 

If you are interested in receiving communications from us, please
join our chapter distribution list by
clicking the “Email Signup”
link at the top right of this page.

Thanks for your continued support and participation.   Go Bears!

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