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Register now for Reunion Weekend at Homecoming!

Alumni, register today for a weekend of fun and more than 100 special events, lectures, tours, and parties—there's truly something for everyone. Visit for our ever-evolving roster of offerings, and to reserve your spot today.

Institute awards Newton Medal to Berkeley prof

The United Kingdom's Institute of Physics has awarded its prestigious Isaac Newton Medal and Prize to Eli Yablonovitch, for the electrical engineering and computer sciences professor's "visionary and foundational contributions."

Alum soccer player cracks gender barrier

Alex Morgan '10—the striker who helped lead Team USA to the 2015 World Cup title—will be the first female soccer star to appear on the cover of Electronic Arts' FIFA video game. She will share the cover with Lionel Messi, the world's top male player.

Are we born racist? The nature of prejudice

Read an interview with Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton, Ph.D., professor of psychology and Richard & Rhoda Goldman distinguished professor of social sciences, who recently co-edited a book called Are We Born Racist? New Insights from Neuroscience and Positive Psychology.

$6M to expand collaborative data-science software

Project Jupyter—a powerful, interactive tool popular among academics and scientists who wrestle with large datasets in multiple formats—is getting a big infusion of support to broaden its capabilities for collaborative data science and to reach ever-wider audiences.

Intellectual pursuits may buffer against addiction

Challenging the idea that addiction is hardwired in the brain, a new study of mice suggests that even a short time spent in a stimulating learning environment can rewire the brain's reward system and buffer it against drug dependence.


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