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Vol XVII, No. 11   |  March 18, 2011  |  News for the Cal Family Online Since 1994

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World’s top 100 universities: How did UC Berkeley rank?
The U.S. boasts the most reputable universities in the world according to a new global reputation ranking. The list, published this week by the Times Higher Education, is the first of its kind looking solely at the reputations of institutions for teaching and research. UC Berkeley ranked in the top 4, along with Harvard, MIT, and Cambridge; Stanford followed at no. 5. The U.S. dominated with seven universities in the top ten and 45 in the total rankings.

Campus responds to crisis in Japan, faculty assess issues
Chancellor Robert J. Birgeneau issued a statement to the Cal community, including alumni in Japan, in response to the earthquakes and tsunami of March 11. The campus has raised money in support of relief efforts and faculty have offered expert analysis on the many issues facing Japan in the aftermath of the crisis, from seismic to nuclear safety. See unfolding coverage of how UC Berkeley is responding and other campus news related to the disaster.

Burma’s voice of liberty, via cellphone to Berkeley
From the sound of her voice, one might have thought Burma was far more than 8,000 miles away. Carried by cellphone, then amplified in Wheeler Auditorium and live-streamed over a password-protected Internet connection, it struggled through volume problems, static, microphone buzz and feedback squeals. Often, the words were barely intelligible. But Aung San Suu Kyi, who has spent 15 of the past 21 years under house arrest at the hands of Burma’s military dictatorship, is living proof that it isn’t necessary to be seen, or heard, to inspire. Video of call (part one of four).

Speedy brain waves boost our learning ability as we sleep
Scientists have long puzzled over the many hours we spend in light, dreamless slumber. But a new study from UC Berkeley suggests we’re busy recharging our brain’s learning capacity during this traditionally undervalued phase of sleep, which can take up half the night.

UC Berkeley morphing into federal university: California Watch
As it gets more funding from the federal government, and less from Sacramento, UC Berkeley is effectively morphing from a state university into a federal university, according to an article published in California Watch, a project of the Center for Investigative Reporting. The article cites how federal funds now comprises the vast majority of support for the campus budget, with philanthropy and tuition each contributing more than state support.

Director Charles Ferguson ’78 wins Oscar for best documentary
Cal alum Charles Ferguson won the Academy Award for best documentary (“Inside Job”). The film deals with the causes of the financial meltdown of 2008. The director has been profiled in a number of news sites, including The New York Times’s Dealbook.

Vienna Philharmonic shares musical gifts with Cal students
The world-renowned Vienna Philharmonic spent three days in residency at Cal Performances, sharing their mastery of European classical music with Bay Area audiences and in special sessions with UC Berkeley student musicians.

Cal basketball forges ahead in NIT; Athletics Membership Madness under way with prizes to NCAA
The men’s and women’s basketball teams are competing in the National Invitational Tournament this season. Check Cal Athletics for all the updates. Meanwhile, throughout March Cal Athletics is challenging current Bear Backers to refer new members in the hopes of reaching its goal of 12,000 Strong by 2012. The person who refers the most people will win 2012 Final Four tickets. View Membership Madness for details.

Just out: The Promise of Berkeley, focusing on health research
Check out the latest issue of The Promise of Berkeley, focusing on Berkeley’s excellence in health research, including developments in outreach, education, detection, disease, and policy. You can also find out about Berkeley’s Fellowship Matching Gift Program; the campus’s student-run food co-op; and a gift from former Intel CEO (and Berkeley alumnus) Andrew Grove to establish a new master’s-level program.

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