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Come back to Cal for Homecoming 2011

Come back to Cal for four days of fun

Whether you are reuniting with old friends or stepping into the classroom, Homecoming at Cal (Oct. 13–16, 2011) offers something for everyone:

  • Class reunion parties for the years ending in 1 and 6
  • Bear Affair Barbeque
  • 32 faculty seminars
  • Campus walking tours
  • Museum and library exhibits
  • Volleyball nights at Haas Pavilion
  • Cal vs. USC football viewing parties

Register online today, or call 888.UNIV.CAL (888.864.8225).

Tinnitus discovery could lead to new ways to stop the ringing

People with tinnitus – a constant ringing or buzzing in the ears – can take heart from a new study by UC Berkeley neuroscientists that points to several new strategies for alleviating the problem. The findings were also reported in other media, including Futurity.

Closest supernova in 25 years is a ”cosmic classic”

Astronomers from UC Berkeley have discovered the closest supernova, or exploded star, in 40 years in the Pinwheel Galaxy, located just 21 million light-years from Earth. It is bright enough that it is expected to be visible in the Northern Hemisphere with a good pair of binoculars up to next week.

Ferroelectrics could pave way for ultra-low power computing

Engineers at UC Berkeley have shown that it is possible to reduce the minimum voltage necessary to store charge in a capacitor, an achievement that could reduce the power draw and heat generation of today’s electronics.

For professors, 9/11 became teaching tool

For professors at Berkeley and across the country, 9/11 has had repercussions in a wide range of disciplines from security studies to music and linguistics. The Bay Area News Group surveyed that impact in connection with the tenth anniversary of the event.

Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive show off plans for new arts center 

The design for the new home of the UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive was unveiled this week. The plan will transform the former UC Printing plant, tying it in with an exciting new multipurpose structure in the heart of the burgeoning downtown arts district. The project was covered in The New York Times and San Francisco Chronicle, among other media.



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